May 20, 2011

Getting Past the Valley

It's raining today.  I've always liked the rain.  There is something about it that cleanses the soul.  We need that in our day to day living.  It gets pretty dirty at times. 

It's been a long time where I live since we've had a good long rain.  In middle Oklahoma we usually get our rain at this time of year from severe thunder storms.  Sometimes if you survive the storms, the gentle rain continues for a while.  That's what it's like today. 

Life is like that, too.  Walking through the shadow of the valley of death, as we all are doing from time to time, it's all we can do to just get through it sometimes.  But if we can, and when we do, there is often on the other side a gentle cleansing rain to wash away the dirt of the valley.  Thank God for those times.