September 19, 2010

New Days & New Ways

Hello Everyone!  My how exciting to begin a new blog.  I'm looking forward to sharing a lot about what I see is happening, how it is doing so and what differences it is making in my world and maybe in yours.  I'll spend most of time time looking through the lenses of my worldview - politically independent and religiously evangelical Christian - but I hope to hear from many with differing views.  I look at blogging as a way of sharing personal views with an inclination toward stretching and moving into new realms of thinking and living.  It helps to be able to express yourself through the written word, an  art that I am constantly trying to improve upon.

I've had some experience blogging before as part of a church-run blog, but it became so negative and full of opinions that I was actually glad to see it go away.  There I spent a good deal of my time arguing social justice issues, especially the give and take of the homosexual agenda on our American and church cultures.  I learned a lot and was pushed to new understandings in my experience.  Here, though, I wish to spend the most of my time relating the more personal things that I have on my heart and mind right now and how I think those things might make a difference in the world.

So, who am I?  I am a late middle-aged man who is on the brink of retirement.  Born just after the beginning of the baby-boom generation, I've seen enough of life to have a little wisdom, but not so much of life to have given up seeking new days and new ways in this wonderful gift called life.  I look forward to hearing from you and hope you're able to make sense out of what I've got to share here.

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