October 20, 2010

The Steps We Take

It's a series of steps, this journey we call life.  Isn't it?  From the cradle to the grave we are moving somewhere - somehow.  Many take the easy road, though it's hard to see that any road that we may take is all that easy.  A few choose to take the hard road, though that usually isn't so much an individual decision as a set of circumstances that makes things tough.  Most of us just take the next step in life without a lot of thought about it.  Thinking or not, if you add them all up our steps are a journey.  And its that journey and the stories we have to tell about it that make life interesting.

Having said that, there is much about our journeys that have to do with our decisions.  Not everything, if anything, is decided for us.  Oh, sometimes we'd like to think that others or Someone or Something is guiding our way.  The truth is that we all have to decide the steps we take for ourselves.  It's a decision to be here now, writing and reading these words while trying to figure out for what it all means.  There must be some meaning to all of this, shouldn't there be?  If there isn't, then it is so easy to wander off or to just stop and drift into meaninglessness.  That, too, is a decision that we make for ourselves.

I don't want to wax philosophical here, but I believe that at the outset of any endeavor it's important to lay the foundation for one's thoughts and ideas.  I've mentioned in previous posts how important is my faith in a God who has revealed Himself.  I've also related something of the importance of certain decisions in my life, how it seems that two or three of them were of such great significance that entire new directions on the journey were made at those times.  For me it's all about faith and decision in taking these steps of the journey that we call life.  So, about that I'll have much to say later.

I hope you're doing well these days.

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