January 20, 2011

Wait and See

Sitting down with my wife at breakfast this morning doing what I have a lot more time to do since retirement - meaningful conversation.  Of course we talked about how to get through the early stages of this new adventure, but we spent the best part of our time discussing what makes for meaningful ministry and trying to answer the question - Now What?  We've come quite a ways since our beginnings in our walk with the Lord Jesus.  As we face the challenges that lay ahead for us, the wonder is naturally in what way are we best going to be able to serve Him.

Looking back over the years of ministry that I've had - both personally and professionally - it was impressed upon my mind today that it's always been about others in need and finding and doing what I can to meet the need in Jesus' name.  God hasn't called me to a life of preparation and thinking about what to do.  He has called me to action by His grace through faith in what I can do for Him to help others.  I've helped native Americans, soldiers, church congregations and foster parents through the years.  They were groups of people that had needs that I was enabled by God's Spirit to help meet in various ways.  It was always about the people.  It's never been about me.

Now I'm entering a new phase of life and ministry.  As I do so, I know that the Lord Jesus will lead me in the right way to utilize the gifts that He has given for the work ahead.  Like before, I believe that all of a sudden I will end up in the midst of doing that work with the people He has led me to help and later realize that it was His hand that guided me there.  Like never before, though, it will be about ... well, I'll just have to wait and see.

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