December 27, 2015

A Weighty Decision

With all the persecution of these days, especially mounting against Christians, I've come to realize that it's my responsibility - even divine duty - to be prepared to protect and defend my loved ones and the sanctity of my home. With Jesus' illustration of Satan's desire to plunder and destroy our lives as found in Luke 11:21-22, I've come to see that arming myself for personal security and the protection of my home is a perfectly natural expectation - even a self-evident truth. In Luke 22:36 Jesus warns His disciples of very tough days ahead, and actually tells them to acquire a personal protection weapon and to be ready to defend themselves and their families. And so, I've decided to buy a gun.

The Bible clearly calls God's people to be ready to defend themselves and their families from the attacks of potentially murderous persecutors. The message is clear: God will fight for us and with us. He hears our prayers and blesses the work of our hands. And when we see encroaching persecution, the principle of God's Word is to equip yourself and be ready to defend yourself and your family. Returning fire is a potentially deadly measure and a last resort for me. But it's one that I've decided to take, if necessary.

The decision to own, carry and use a firearm for personal protection is a matter that has taken much thought and prayer. It's one that I made, especially after I considered the opposite decision - not to own, carry and potentially use a firearm for personal protection. Deciding not to be adequately prepared with a weapon in the matter of personal security is one that I've come to see as abdicating a biblical and moral responsibility.

The decision to own, carry and use a firearm, if necessary, has been a weighty one for me. But it's one I've made with the full understanding that Christians have grappled with the issue of self-defense versus turning the other cheek or suffering martyrdom since Jesus walked among us. In the course of everyday life in these treacherous days, I believe that taking commonsense, precautionary steps to protect my liberties and may family is the best decision. It's one that others have said we may not have the luxury of debating about if all-out persecution ensues. Then many will find themselves, as many of the first-century Christians did, utterly defenseless. I will not be one of them.


  1. At this time not concerned about persecution. There will be growing hostility at various levels of govt., driven by tax and social issues. Criminal violence is a fact of life for many people who cannot afford life in a gated community. It is very wise to have a well thought out approach to security, including the ability to defend oneself and ones loved ones. It is no different than carrying insurance on one's life and property, carrying a umbrella if it looks like rain, wearing a coat if the temperature is cold, etc. Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. He didn't tell us to stand quietly and allow someone to pound us into the ground. Otherwise he'd have told the disciples to buy pen knives rather than swords.

  2. I think the persecution is increasing with every passing year. And more and more mass shootings seem to be happening all the time. My message is for Christians, especially those who think it's not God's will to "buy a sword" in times like these. It is a very weighty decision either way.