March 13, 2012

The Amazing Glory of God for Us All to See

I was out walking the dog last evening, enjoying the clear skies and warm temperatures.  I, of course, noticed Jupiter and Venus again in the western sky.  I had been following them for several nights.  They were especially bright.  Then I looked toward the northern sky, just north of the Big Dipper, and saw what appeared to be another planet.  I was as bright as Venus, at least, so I continued to watch it.  "What a marvelous sight," I said to myself, "three planets at once."  And just as I begin to wonder which one was in the northern sky, it got super bright and just as quickly it began to fade away.  For a moment I thought it may have been my motion, so I backed up a bit, but it didn't matter.  The light from the "planet" was fading.  And it continued to do so until it was barely visible - if at all.  Wow!

Of course, I began to wonder just what it was that I had witnessed?  It certainly wasn't a planet and it never moved from its position, so it wasn't a satellite or plane.  With my basic astronomical knowledge pressed to the limits, I had to believe that I had witnessed the death of a star.  Amazing! - to say the least.  When I returned home, I went to my stargazing website to see if I could confirm my sighting, but found no corroboration.  So, as far as I know, I was the only one to see the amazing fading away of a star.  It may not have been a star at all but until I find out it wasn't, I'll continue to believe it was. 

Life is truly amazing at all levels of creation.  As an amateur stargazer I've witnessed many unknowable scenes - to me - in the night time skies.  This one, though, was most amazing.  And I thank the LORD God, creator of the universe and me, for the sighting - for the moment He gave me last evening to see a little something of His spectacular handiwork.  The heavens are truly showing us the glory of God in amazing ways.  And most amazing of all, they are there for us all to see.

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