March 9, 2012

Still Have to Show Up!

It's hard to believe that almost a year has past since I've posted anything.  Guess that's not too good for promoting one's readership.  I do have much to say and ought to be here at least weekly to say it but, alas, my discipline is not what it used to be.  Things are changing in my life.  I'm growing older, not old, and the impetus to show up anywhere on a regular basis is just not there like before.  Maybe that's good!  For I'm truly enjoying this thing called retirement and aging, but have so much to learn.  For one, I still have to show up!

I always want to give my Lord, Jesus Christ, the glory for any and all good that comes through me both here and elsewhere.  If anyone happens to take a look, see One Disciple's Journey and wonder why there's not more to it, it's because I haven't gotten off my duff enough to tell the rest of my story to this point.  I will do better at it .... I will.

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