June 7, 2015

It's Hard to Accept Jesus

How hard it is for people to accept Jesus.  Even Jesus' own family didn't accept Him, seeing Him as a deranged son and brother who had gone off the deep end.  They had reason not to believe that Jesus was the Son of God.  After all, they hadn't yet known the full glory of God in Jesus.  They knew Him only in part.

What about us?  We know the whole story.  We know Jesus' teachings and judgments about life.  We know about His crucifixion and death to save us from our sins.  We know about His glorious resurrection.  We've received of His Spirit and have built up His church.  But do we know Him.  Do we accept Him?

It's hard to accept Jesus because everything He does and says is so contrary to the world as we know it.  But it wasn't just anything that Jesus did or said that made His family think He was a crazy man.  He healed somebody.  And He's still healing today.

Some doubt He heals anyone.  They think of healing as outside the bounds of what's possible.  They think something must be wrong with those who do believe.  But they're ignoring another possibility - the possibility that the healings they've seen and heard of were nothing less than divine intervention. For them, there's no faith that with God all things are possible.  So the doubters live without hope.

They live without hope, not because they lack knowledge or understanding, nor because they're bad people.  They live without hope because when God intervened in their lives and showed them His healing touch thorough Jesus Christ, they didn't believe Him.  They condemned themselves because their hearts and minds were closed to Jesus.  They refused to accept Him.

It's hard to accept Jesus.  It's the hardest decision anyone will ever make in their lives.  But, what about us?  Do we accept Jesus?  Do you accept Jesus?

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