October 14, 2015


Christian discipleship is living in relationship with Jesus Christ. A Christian disciple lives life in relation to the Bible principles and practices that all Christians have followed since the time of Jesus. One's life can't be built on experience with God alone.  Fruitful living has to be more intentional, a life which nourishes and expresses what was first experienced through faith in Christ.

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, published "The Character of a Methodist" in 1742. In it he describes the foundation of Christian discipleship and gives the "marks" of fruitful disciples and followers of Christ.  A disciple loves God, rejoices in God, gives thanks to God, prays constantly to God and loves others by God.

Meditating on each of these characteristics, and applying them to one's journey with Jesus, will give one greater knowledge and appreciation for why and how to follow Jesus.  Living these characteristics will give one a solid foundation, which taken together is what John Wesley calls "character."

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